Cricket and Football – Differences and Similarities

What Is the Difference Between Cricket And Football?

Cricket and football are prominent sports in India, even though the former appears to be more preferred. They are field and team sports consisting of 11 players per team; primarily, cricket and football are considered the most popular sports globally.


Cricket and Football - Differences and Similarities
Cricket and Football – Differences and Similarities


However, despite both being popular sports with billions of fans worldwide, there are different countries where one is not prominent. In India, for example, cricket appears to be the most prominent, with cricket IPL matches being one of the most prominent events in the country.

While cricket and football share many similarities, there are also many differences between the two. If you have ever wondered what the differences between these two sports are, then you’ll want to continue reading this article to find out more.

Core Differences Between Cricket And Football

  • Playing pattern

While cricket and football are popular games with huge fan bases, one of the areas where they have their differences is in the way the game is played. During a football game, all the competing players play simultaneously, with a ball and two goalposts at various distances within the field. The different teams try to win against the other by hitting the goalpost.

Whereas for a cricket game, all the team players do not play simultaneously, and between the two competing teams, a group focuses on batting while the other focuses on bowling.

  • Game field shape and size

Another defining difference between these two sports is the shape and size of the field it is played in. For football, the pitch has a rectangular shape that varies between 100-130 yards long (90-120 meters) and 50-100 yards wide (45-90 meters).

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While in cricket, the shape of the field is either circular or oval. The size of a cricket field is between 137 meters to 150 meters and most abide by the recommended ICC Test Match Standard Playing Condition Law.

  • Game uniform and color

The uniform and its color are where cricket and football have a striking difference. In football, the players’ uniforms include short-sleeve T-shirts, shorts, socks, and playing boots. The competing teams must wear different uniform colors to differentiate them from the other.

The uniform consists of a short or long sleeve shirt, full-length trousers, cap, sun hat, and spiked shoes in cricket. Cricket players also wear jumpers or pullovers. For the test match in India, players play in white clothes, and colored clothes are used for limited-overs games.

  • Game protective gear and equipment

Indeed, to play either cricket or football, you have to have the protective gear and equipment required for the game. Here is another area where both games have their differences. For a football game, the only necessary equipment is the bigger and softer football compared to that for cricket. There is also protective hand gear for the goalkeeper.

In football, players hit the ball into the goalpost using any body part, except their hands; else, it amounts to a foul. However, cricket requires a wooden bat to hit the ball, and it is a smaller and harder ball than that used in football.

  • Game playing and scoring format

The playing and scoring format for both games differ. There are two halves — 45 minutes per half with an additional injury time when it comes to football. In football, the winning team is determined by the team with the highest-scoring record.

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This pattern of playing and scoring contrasts with that of a cricket game. Mainly, the game is between the batters and the bowlers. The process involves the bowler delivering the ball to the batsman while the opponent tries to hit the ball and score runs. Unlike football, a cricket game can last up to five days.

Different game rules 

Each of these games comes with different playing rules that guide every match. In football, there are penalties, yellow cards, and red cards. A yellow card is used to signal a warning to a player against misconduct, and the red card is issued to a disqualified player after their default warning.

In cricket, there wasn’t any red card until 2017. Before then, players cannot be disqualified from the match. But, since 2017, the red card was introduced, a defaulting player can get disqualified immediately. Still, cricket has no yellow card penalty for players.


Cricket and football are games enjoyed by many players and fans, with cricket being the most preferred option in India. Different games also come with their staggering differences, many of which you have to understand as a bettor in India. Playing on them becomes easy when you understand the similarities and differences between these two sports.

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