How is Zena Vest Empowering and protecting Female athletes around the World?

With the increasing number of females pursuing sports as a career, there is a definite need for equipment that will protect the vital organs of a woman. Cognizant of this, Zena Sport, an Australian-based company has introduced a unique product called Zena. The word “zena” in the company name Zena Sport means variations of “strength” or “warrior” in different cultures around the world. Zena Sport is the brainchild of the Victoria-based couple Donna and Brad Johnson. The husband-wife duo started this company in the year 2020, after identifying a gap in the Australian sports market for gender-specific protective wear. Once the gap was identified, the Johnsons worked closely with Brooke Brisbane, a medical research scientist, to understand breast trauma and then develop a gear.

Brad and Donna Johnson. PC:
Brad and Donna Johnson. PC:


Today, Zena Sport boasts of one of the most advanced female impact protection garments in the global market. It has been specifically designed for females who play contact sports like basketball, football, rugby, to name a few. The vest is featherweight and offers complete protection from any kind of impact. The players feel safe on the field which ultimately boosts their confidence and improves their performance.


Zena Sports Vest. PC:
Zena Sports Vest. PC:


The vest offers protection to the female athletes’ breast, chest, and rib area, and the size of the vest does not matter, since one size fits all. It is tested to meet the highest standard of collision and impact retention. Moreover, it is very user-friendly given that it is easy to wear and take off. Additionally, the vest is characterized by Microban Antimicrobial protection, which prevents bacterial build-up in the fabric that causes staining or odour, thus increasing the life of the garment.

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Brad Johnson hopeful that his Zena performance garment can have an impact  in Tasmania | The Advocate | Burnie, TAS
Brad Johnson hopeful that his Zena performance garment can have an impact in Tasmania | The Advocate | Burnie, TAS


As per the research undertaken by Deakin Engineering and the Centre for Sport Research, Zena acts as a barrier between the ball (or elbow) and the breast tissue or ribs. This barrier provides protection from the initial impact and distributes the energy over a larger area thus reducing the potential injury.

Zena Sport’s Zena Z1 is already being used by Australia’s best basketball and football (approved by AFLW for use in competition) players. Apart from the basketball and football players, athletes involved in Lacrosse, Softball, Roller Derby, Boxing and Martial Arts use the vest.

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