Sue Redfern to become First Female umpire to officiate an England men’s International Match

Sue Redfern is all set to create history by becoming the first female umpire to officiate an England men’s home international match between England and Sri Lanka on Wednesday at Cardiff. She has been appointed as the fourth umpire of this T20 International match.


Suzanne Redfern is an English cricket umpire and former player.
Suzanne Redfern is an English cricket umpire and former player. Pic Credits: Getty Images


The 43-year-old has umpired over 32 women’s international matches and been a TV umpire in 18 women’s matches.

Redfern, who was one of the umpires in the India women vs England women Test at Bristol last week, will step in the place of Alex Wharf who is umpiring at the ongoing World Test Championship Final between India and New Zealand which is all set to go into its sixth day following bad weather in Southampton due to which two days were washed out.

Redfern was kept on standby in case of such a possibility and on Tuesday the England and Wales Cricket Board announced the Sue Redfern will make history at the England vs Sri Lanka T20I match on Wednesday.

“It’s going to be a great experience,” Redfern told ESPNcricinfo. “I’m feeling pretty privileged. It’s unexpected but at the same time, it’s a great opportunity to showcase that females can officiate in a variety of environments.”

“What the players are looking for is, they’re really not bothered about whether I’m male or female, they just want me to do my job,” Redfern said. “That’s the most important thing, how I manage that game and how I umpire in that game.

“I’ve had a good day if I’m not seen really and if I’m not spoken about, so just managing that game to ensure that it comes to a positive conclusion.”

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Just a few months ago, at India vs Australia Test which was held in January at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Australian Umpire Claire Polosak became the first female umpire to officiate in a men’s Test when she was appointed as the fourth umpire.


Claire Antonia Polosak is an Australian cricket umpire.
Claire Antonia Polosak is an Australian cricket umpire. Pic Credit: Getty Images


Redfern fully supports women umpires being a part of men’s test and she wants more and more women to come forward and for this to become a normal thing.

“I’d like to see any official, whatever their aspirations are, that they can fulfill those aspirations if they’re good enough,” she said. “What we’re looking for is people with the right skills officiating in the right games.

Redfern, who is a former cricket player and has played the sport for almost 25 years, says that she wants to do a good job and deeply cares about the sport.

“I pinch myself every time I wake up and know I’m going to be umpiring. I absolutely love it.”

Source: ESPN Cricinfo

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