Reasons Cricket is the Most Exciting Sport 

Amongst some people, cricket is considered to not be an interesting sport. However, true fans realize that it is enormously exciting, and there are plenty of reasons why this is the case, which this article is going to look at in more detail. Even if many of you have already been converted, there is no harm in reminding yourself just why you enjoy it so much! 


Chance to Shine Programme for girls
Chance to Shine Programme for girls. PC: Twitter

Various Forms of the Sport 

Test cricket was the form that proved to be the most controversial in terms of not holding people’s attention. For this reason, one day cricket was invented to add an extra layer of excitement and force the batsman into making shots that they would not normally attempt in a Test series. In recent years, this was taken one stage further with Twenty20 cricket. Essentially, this can be completed in a matter of hours, which has brought in plenty of fans who would not have wanted to sit through the long form of the game. 

Big Personalities 

From legends like Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne to current big hitters like Chris Gayle, cricket has always attracted some of the biggest personalities in world sport. There is no doubt that this has helped to add to the competition – particularly when you get to know the players and the individual rivalries that take place over the Test match format. The more you follow cricket, the better you get to know the players and the more interesting it therefore becomes. 


Sachin Tendulkar picked two Indian cricketers who impressed him the most in ICC World Cup 2019(Action Images via Reuters)
Sachin Tendulkar picked two Indian cricketers who impressed him the most in ICC World Cup 2019(Action Images via Reuters)

Major Tournaments 

Over the last years, there has been plenty done to attract people into becoming interested in cricket. It’s already been mentioned how the shorter forms of the games have helped, but plenty of tournaments continue to attract attention. First of all, we have the ongoing rivalries that have been going on for decades, such as the Ashes. Added to these, you have various World Cups in the different forms of the game. This has helped to attract plenty of online sports betting to the sport over the past few years. You also have the IPL, which has brought in huge sums of money to the sport. 

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Higher Level of Competitiveness 

In days gone by, you could predict who was most likely to win a game of cricket. Certain sides were dominant for years, but the sport tends to be a lot more competitive now. This is particularly the case in the short form of the game in which it is well known that everybody has the potential to beat everybody else. You cannot want anything else in a sport! 

Better Equipment 

The improvement of bats and balls has meant that the sport is a lot quicker than it used to be, and this has served to add to the levels of excitement. Better equipment has lead to more advanced shots being hit more frequently, meaning fans are more likely to see something spectacular. 

In case you needed reminding, these are some of the main reasons why cricket remains such a thrilling sport and continues to attract millions of fans all over the world.

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