Chamari Atapattu takes up the ‘Big Girls Can’ campaign

In the days of yore, sportspersons were concerned only with playing the sport and winning games for their country. Over time, social responsibility came into the picture. It was no more about just playing the sport, it was also about being a part of something they believed in, putting their support behind important issues, promoting social causes and movements.


Chamari Atapattu. PC: ICC/Getty Images
Chamari Atapattu. PC: ICC/Getty Images


Recently, Smriti Mandhana joined hands with Whisper India to promote menstrual awareness and educate girls about the same, Harmanpreet Kaur and Veda Krishnamurthy batted for a clean supply of water for people in rural areas. Now joining the bandwagon is Sri Lanka women’s cricket captain Chamari Atapattu. Chamari has taken up a campaign to boost the confidence, rights, and dignity of young girls who face embarrassment after attaining age.

The ‘Big Girls Can’ crusade, Atapattu feels, will help young girls overcome all social barriers and enable them to excel in their chosen fields be it sports or any other activity. Along with this, Atapattu is also a Red Bull athlete and wishes to break the stereotypical thinking and inspire young girls to prevail in society and follow their dreams.

An encouraging family is very essential for every person who wishes to take up the sport as a career. A lot of people who have the talent are unable to go the distance because of a lack of support from their close ones. Hailing from a conservative society doesn’t help the cause and this has led to the downfall of many young dreams.

Chamari Atapattu herself hails from a conservative village in Kurunegala. But what helped her achieve her dreams and excel in her choice of field is her parents’ support. They recognized her dreams as well as her talent and motivated her to take up cricket as her career. They gave her the chance and encouragement she needed to become the world-famous cricketer that she is today.

Commenting on what inspired her to take up this initiative, Atapattu said, “The ultimate goal is to gather inspiring characters, opinion leaders, and parents to support this movement and build awareness to guide the young girls to move forward continuously and drive them to become world champions.”

Source – Sunday Observer

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