How Important Is Strength Training For Cricketers?

If you want to be successful in any sport, you need to pay attention to your workout routine and cricket is no exception. It’s not surprising that fitness is incredibly important for cricketers because they need to be able to move around the field quickly and run between the wickets as fast as possible. There are some great fitness exercises that cricketers can do to improve their performance on the field, but what about strength exercises?


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A lot of people underestimate the importance of strength training in cricket but it actually makes a big difference to performance. When in bat, you need to engage your entire body and put a lot of force behind the ball to propel it and bowling requires a lot of upper body strength and flexibility as well. Strength training on the lower body can also help you to run faster and move around the field more effectively.

If you want to build your overall strength and tone muscle, you can try a great superhero workout modeled on the routines that famous actors use to get in shape for their roles. This will help you to achieve an overall level of improved strength, but you also need to consider focused exercises for specific roles on the cricket field.

Strength Exercises For Batswomen

When you swing your bat, you rely on core strength to twist your body and put force behind the ball. You also engage upper body muscles, like your shoulders, back muscles and biceps, so all of these muscle groups need to be worked.

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Bicep curls are a simple exercise that you can add to your routine if you want to build muscles in your arms, but they are very targeted. You also need to do exercises like overhead presses and rows, which build muscles in the shoulders and back at the same time.

Simple core exercises, like crunches, planking, and Russian twists should also be a part of your regular routine. Without good core strength, you will find it difficult to exercise other areas of your body effectively and you will lack force when batting, so these exercises are vital.

Strength Exercises For Bowlers

Bowlers also engage their full bodies and they will benefit from the same core, shoulder and back exercises that batswomen do. However, the focus is on the dominant bowling arm and the range of movement, so there are some other exercises that are specifically beneficial for bowlers.

Rotator cuff strengthening exercises are particularly important because they help to support the shoulder and the ligaments surrounding it. There are some great exercises that are designed to help people eliminate shoulder pain and strengthen their rotator cuff, which is perfect for bowlers.

Many people underestimate the importance of strength training in cricket. It’s a sport that requires a lot of speed and agility, as well as precise movements, so people assume that fitness exercises are the most important. However, these strength exercises will help to improve your game in a significant way.

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