BCCI Should Communicate Decisions to Apex Council Members: says Anshuman Gaekwad

The Indian Cricket or BCCI runs the cricketing action of the game’s most populous participants. Getting the game ready for billions has its pros and cons. BCCI, however in recent years, has been targeted for its administrative structure. In recent reports, an e-mail emerges from one of the player’s representatives written to office-bearers of BCCI.


Anshuman Gaekwad. PC: Deccan Herald
Anshuman Gaekwad. PC: Deccan Herald

Anshuman Gaekwad as the player’s representative has written to Office-bearers of BCCI over inadequate communication. While talking to The Times Of India, the former opener opened up on what made him draft an e-mail.

He said that “The purpose of sending the mail was to convey the point that whatever decisions are taken by the office-bearers, have to be communicated to the Apex Council members. I come to know about most of these decisions when they appear in the newspaper. When people – for example or state association officials – ask me about them, as I am a part of the apex council, I have no answers. It becomes embarrassing for me to answer the people”.

It has to be noted that the Apex Council meeting of BCCI is scheduled just a few days later. Gaekwad says that he wrote the mail 10 days ago, but has not received any response. He stresses that if the issue is brought up in the meeting, he will make his voice heard. Indian Cricket Association or the ICA has two representatives in the apex council.

Shanta Rangaswamy, the former Indian skipper, is part of the council too. Apex Council of BCCI comprises BCCI office-bearers, women, and men player’s representatives along with a single nominee of states. A nominee from the Comptroller and Auditor General of India is placed on the council too. The office-bearers of BCCI are President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Gaekwad sounded disappointed when he says that a mere communication is all he and other deserving members of the apex council seek.

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Women’s IPL, in recent times, has witnessed a similar dearth of communication when the tournament was certain and the dates were not out. In times like these, boards should see that uncertainty is reduced from the game and professionalism works around to assure all stakeholders.

Source: Times of India

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