Former Cricketer V. Chamundeshwaranath donates Rs 1 Lakh to Rashmi Gudia

We, at Female Cricket, have been covering stories of women cricketers. Some of them are inspiring while others are eye-openers. A recent story that we shared on Rashmi Gudia got the attention of fans on the internet. For all the people living under the rocks, Rashmi is the skipper of Jharkhand Women’s Under-23 side. While India was busy rooting for their best teams in IPL or when fans were anticipating for the opener, Rashmi was collecting woods from the forest to assist her age-old father.

Rashmi Gudia
Rashmi Gudia – Jharkhand State Cricket Player

She has been the captain of her state’s side only last year in the U-23 tournament organized by BCCI. In the lockdown phase, however, she has been spending her days in the forest collecting firewood. Her family uses the product to cook and sell. She has stated, in media reports, that she has been exercising in the process of collecting firewood and is also proud to help her father. It is unfortunate that people have chosen to decorate this incident and are appreciating the player for her dedication towards training.

The attention, however, should be on the plight of a player who has led a state into a national competition organized by BCCI. It is not to say that people have completely forgotten the real side of the story.

V. Chamundeshwaranath has once again emerged as one of the inspirations for the society. He has donated a sum of rupees one lakh to Rashmi. It has to be noted that Mr. Chamundeshwaranath has played Ranji Trophy. He has even captained the Andhra Pradesh side. He was on the National Junior Selection Committee for a healthy period of four years. He has been active in the administrative wing too and has worked as the former Secretary of Andhra Cricket Association. After retirement in 1991/92, he became a cricket administrator, Team India’s manager for the 2009 World T20, and is now an influential badminton official, posted as Vice President for Telangana Badminton Association.

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V Chamundeshwarnath - PC:
V Chamundeshwarnath – PC:


It is heartening to note that someone from the cricketing fraternity has listened to the call and has shown empathy. The change, however, will come with the sensitization of the system. Players like Rashmi are an inspiration for their selfless attitude of service but their plight also marks the plights of women players at the domestic players.

V. Chamundeshwaranath has time and again shown his generosity towards cricketers and their families by doing charity. However, most of his charity goes unnoticed by the media. He has done a lot, not just for cricketers, but also for players from other sports and helped several olympians.

We are, nonetheless, satisfied that our reporting could fetch some help to Rashmi and commit ourselves stronger to the cause. And we wish to extend our gratitude towards Mr. Chamundeshwaranath for his selfless contribution.

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