“I wanted to play Volleyball, destiny wanted me to pursue Cricket,” reveals Sukanya Parida

One of the most desired recipes in the world nowadays is of success. With such a degree of competition in all spheres of life, the craving to make it big has increased manifold. In the 10th episode of Cricket with Queens, Vishal Yadav sits down with Sukanya Parida who has made it big from almost nowhere.


Sukanya Parida receiving her India Cap from her idol Jhulan Goswami
Sukanya Parida receiving her India Cap from her idol Jhulan Goswami


She was just another girl in the countryside of India with some aspirations. In her chat of around half an hour, she takes us to her life when she was facing hurdles in the village and her life afterward. There is nothing fancy here but the story resonates with billions of girls who strive to make their mark out of their households.

In the initial phase of her career, we see a girl who is juggling with her sporting life and academics. Her dad was a teacher and he took her to a city for a better education. Sukanya reveals that her stint in studies improved significantly when she was with her dad and she got into secondary schooling. It is heartening to see that Sukanya admits that her focus was primarily on studying in those days. One of the most complications in the sporting world nowadays has to be the distance that very often aspirants maintain from books while giving everything to the game.


Sukanya Parida on Cricket With Queens
Sukanya Parida on Cricket With Queens


It has been revealed through many stories that players are often not ready to even face the media and other aspects that come with the game. All the budding cricketers should derive learning from Sukanya where a basic level of education should be completed with complete sincerity.

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Life, one should remember, is not a movie where a dramatic turn may always look good. Further in the chat Sukanya reveals that her first choice was volleyball. However, her brother told her that admission into an academy won’t be easy for her as she has no experience in the game before. This was definitely not the first and neither the last obstacle that Sukanya had faced. She then turned her face towards cricket.

She went to Partha Chatterji Cricket Academy. Life was testing there too. As a youngster, she had no experience of playing with a leather ball. Moreover, she was always inclined towards keeping and batting in the good-old-gully-cricket days. It was her coach that sternly advised her to bowl and use her height.

One can look up to Sukanya and remember that adoption and improvisation are very necessary not only on-field but off the field too. She was not disappointed when her first choice couldn’t become a reality. She chose cricket and with her sweat and sincere adherence to wise advice got herself into the Indian side.

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