Poonam concerned about the lack of practice and preparations ahead of World Cup 2021

Lockdown brought an unprecedented pause on all of the activities that were routine in our lives earlier. Getting back on track seems difficult and especially for sporting professionals who have a great degree of reliance on their physical sharpness. India’s leading spinner Poonam Yadav has voiced her say as well.

Poonam Yadav
Poonam Yadav. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

She believes that it will be wrong to expect players to perform their best in the upcoming Women’s Cricket world cup. However, the Indian side lacks important game time as their English tour was recently called off. It has to be noted that the proposed tri-series featuring England and South Africa was the only major task in the schedule of the Indian side before they packed their bags for the all-important ICC world cup in 2021.

“If you turn up at the ground after four-five months, it will be very difficult to perform instantly for all players,” told Poonam Yadav.

However, she adds that players are trying their best to keep themselves fit and within 20-25 days, the side will be in full fitness once group training is allowed. The national players of the most populous cricketing country have not seen a proper cricketing training since they returned from Australia as runner-ups in the T20 world cup.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry with the Indian Women’s Team. Pic Credits: ICC

There are good chances that she, alongside, other women cricketers will not see a game before stepping into New Zealand for the ICC Women’s World cup. Moreover, the fate of the T20 World Cup has to be decided within two weeks or so. India has often gone close to the trophy with its consistent appearance in the knockouts but the hunger for a cup will still be there.

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Poonam says that the world cups are a big challenge as the degree of competition grows manifold and lacking a basic clarity of their next opportunity to play a game adds no good. Nevertheless, Poonam chooses the positives of the lockdown and lists a few things that she couldn’t have done earlier. She spent quality time with her parents at her home in Agra. Moreover, she enjoys cooking and even riding a bullet.

She says that “I always wanted to ride a Bullet but I was not being able to learn with the schedule that I had. There was this fear also, what if I get injured. So I never used to try it but now I have learned that, thanks to my brother”.

Poonam, however, is determined to give her best in the global event amidst all odds. There will be huge expectations from her as she was India’s leading performer with the ball in Australia. She adds that “If the Word Cup happens as scheduled, there is hardly any time left. I plan to start working on a few variations, like working on a flipper and top-spin. Flipper is much tougher and it will take me at least three-four months to perfect the ball.”

Uncertainties are not healthy for any sportsman and doubts in the mind of the leading spinner throws more light on the current plight.

News Source: SportStar

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From playing cricket in the Agra gully to representing India and playing at the Mecca of Cricket, Lords Stadium, Poonam has seen it all. Having faced several societal challenges, Yadav never gave up and continued her hard-work. Her journey is going to leave you inspired.

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