What’s ahead for Indian Women’s Cricket team?

Cricket doesn’t warrant an introduction in the Indian subcontinent. The game has, comfortably, left the stature of a game and has entered into something as valued and nurtured as religion. There are gods here as well. Sachin Tendulkar and others have a fan base that literally worships them. These glamorous sides, however, are reserved. They are only for the faces.

One might add that we, in India, don’t love the game but love the players. The outbreak of novel coronavirus hs deepened the aforementioned understanding of Indian masses and their affection towards cricket. In a few of our reports published recently, we have mentioned how the richest board in the world seems uninterested in appointing the selection committee for the national women’s cricket team.


Indian Women's Cricket team
Indian Women’s Cricket team. Pic Credits: BCCI/Twitter


Fans are debating on the work of Rahul Johri. The CEO of BCCI seems to be a constant name in the discussions of the cricket enthusiasts. There is, although, a little to worry for the fans. Masters of the game like Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri know the jobs and their records say so. Younger ones are safe and are under the watch of the wall or Rahul Dravid. He guides players in National Cricket Academy.

Women’s cricket has not matured to this degree. It’s correct to say that the female side of the game is a completely different ball game. There are two skippers for the Indian side. Mithali takes the charge in the 50-over game while Harmanpreet sees the side through in the shortest format. With two captains, BCCI has a total of zero selectors. To add to the list of griefs, there is no team manager.

Trupti Bhattacharya was serving as the team manager and the administration had her doubling as the Media Manager as well. Her contract is not renewed and there is no face in contention. The Board for Control of Cricket in India seems to reflect the harsh realities of Indian society. We are reminded, at this point, of PCB.

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The nation has societal barriers against women and the board is nowhere as rich as ours but the women in green have seen doubling of pays. There is a new contract as well. Boards throughout the globe have refrained from acting in a manner that curtails the growth of the game. ECB has assured masses of its commitment to revitalize the domestic manifest of female cricket.

In times like these, there is a greater need to keep the game on track. Women’s cricket is coming out to masses and such lapses from one of the biggest boards can be harmful.

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