Bangladesh Cricket to appoint Psychiatrist for Cricketers

Cricket is like life. The overall grouping of all elements comes out to be multidimensional. There is a great variety in the game and there are numerous aspects on and off the field. Recent reports from Bangladesh suggest that Bangladesh Cricket Board plans to appoint a Psychiatrist for its cricketers. Cricketers shall benefit from the move in these times more than ever.

Bangladesh Women's Cricket team
Bangladesh Women’s Cricket team. Pic Credits: ACCMedia1/Twitter


It has been noted that depression has made its way to players who have never faced a pause of this sort. Cricket has been completely shut in Bangladesh from March 16. Moreover, domestic players have been placed in their respective homes for a period of nearly four months. It has been reported by the regional media that some players have been able to cope up with the lockdown and have started practicing on their own.

As per Bdcrictime, stars like Tamim Iqbal and Mushfirqur Rahim have adapted well to the unprecedented pause. The women and young players, however, have been most affected by the pandemic. For support, Azhar Ali Khan has been roped in. Debashish Chowdhary who serves the sides as Chief Physician said that “Psychologists can start work only if the CEO of Game Development, Women’s Department, and the BCB gives the green signal. We’ve already talked to psychologists. I think cricketers can suffer from various mental anxieties while staying at home for a very long time. Many may break down. Especially young and women cricketers. So I want to start with them”.

Shafiul Alam Chowdhary said that 25 professionals from the women’s team will take part in the online session. The chairman of women’s selection of BCB, as quoted by bdcrictime, says that our women’s team has fewer chances to play. Now the environment is also different. If all goes well, the psychologist will take classes in two sessions next week to boost the women’s team.

Development Manager for Bangladesh Cricket Board, Abu Enam, said that “They have been under house arrest for 5 months. They are inexperienced young people. Their emotional support is very important. That’s why psychologists are thinking of sessions”.

He added that “If all goes well, they will get mental strength from psychology classes. If the situation is good, the morale to get on the field will be good. If someone is exhausted, it will go away. Maybe the psychologist will start classes next week. There will be a few sessions. In the beginning, there will be seniors from the under-19 team, ”.

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It has to be noted that there is no obligation for the members of the national team to attend the sessions. Akram Khan who chairs the cricket management department said that participation will be left on the will of individuals.

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