Spectator at India-Australia Women’s World T20 final tested positive for COVID-19: MCG

The ICC Women’s World T20 final that was played between India and Australia on March 8 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) has made headlines yet again, this time not for the cricket played but for coronavirus. 


Melbourne Cricket Ground
Melbourne Cricket Ground. Pic Credits: Tourism Australia

According to MCG officials, a spectator who attended the final match has tested positive for novel coronavirus but fortunately, the risk of him infecting others was low.

“A person who attended the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Final at the MCG on Sunday March 8 has now been diagnosed with COVID-19,” the Melbourne Cricket Ground management said in a statement.

“The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has advised of the patron’s diagnosis and has classified it as a low-risk of spreading COVID-19 to surrounding members of the public and staff. The patron sat on Level 2 of the Northern Stand at the MCG in section N42. The DHHS has recommended that those seated in N42 “should continue to go about their normal routine, with an increased focus on hygiene measures, and should any flu-like symptoms emerge to consult with a medical professional,” it added.

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