History made with first ever women’s cricket match in Saudi Arabia

A great initiative was taken by Abeer Medical group to organize an all women’s match which included citizens as players of 8 nations including Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Philippines, Indonesia, Sudan, and Egypt. This was something fresh for everyone, it promoted the social well being of the society by encouraging women to take part in a sport.


Abeer Medical Group organises Women's Cricket match
Abeer Medical Group organises Women’s Cricket match. Pic Credits: The Siasat Daily


The match was conducted of 10 overs which implemented all international rules and regulations and was officiated by professional umpires. It was organized by this Abeer medical group on their 20th-year celebration.

Ms Angelene who is South African and an ardent cricket fan was leading a team of the tournament, while she felt the nostalgia of being super active in sports while back in the homeland. She mentioned that she didn’t manage to get time to play her favorite sport since she started working with KSA.

Many players participated from different countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Philippines. It was a moment for them to groom well into global cricketing conditions and to be on the history of the sport in KSA. They were alloted practice sessions in their respective workplaces, groomed by their colleagues who were from cricket playing nation.

“We were taught the rules of the game, watched many cricket matches on TV and tried practice sessions for the last two months in the build-up for the game”, commented Ms Joy and Ms Maha Halwani.


Women's Cricket in Saudi Arabia
Women’s Cricket in Saudi Arabia. Pic Credits: The Siasat Daily


Alungal Mohammed, the President of the Abeer Medical Group congratulated all the players on their achievement and praised the government of KSA, under the leadership of the King Salman bin Abdul Aziz and the Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman .“Something like this would not have been thought to become possible a couple of years ago. With the encouragement from the government and the vision of the ministries, this is an example that the country is progressing fast in the track to achieving its Vision 2030 goals”.

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Khlood Bayazeed, Sr. HR Manager, Abeer Medical Group, who was part of the winning team expressed that she was proud of this initiative and said its a strong message towards women empowerment. Veteran journalist Khaled al Maeena, who was the chief guest of the event, said that this was a giant step in the sporting history of Saudi Arabia. He encouraged the players to take up the sport as a serious profession and he made sure that the efforts would be acknowledged to the General Sports Authority and Ministry of entertainment.

Senior officials from the Jeddah Cricket Association, Mr. Aijaz Khan, President & Mr. Haroon Mahfouz, Executive Secretary also attended the event. Both commented, “We have been successfully organizing tournaments in Jeddah for over 2 decades and throughout, we had been dreaming of this moment for a long time. We are glad that Abeer Medical Group took this initiative to raise awareness for women empowerment & gender equality”

News Source: Neha / Siasat.com

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