Former India cricketer Diana Edulji unhappy with Indian Women’s Cricket Team performances

With new boundaries crossed, cricket has marked its presence in all the manifests of the modern sporting arena. Cricket viewership and fan following are at the unprecedented mark with billions eyeing towards the clash of international teams. More heads seem to turn up for deciders have pressure reaches a new high with every scream in the ground.

Diana Edulji and Harmanpreet Kaur. Credits: ANI
Diana Edulji and Harmanpreet Kaur. Credits: ANI


Recently, the Indian team rightfully earned a dose of criticism from the fans and experts. The Women in blue lost the finals of triangular series and gifted Australia another trophy in their mammoth cabinet. The Indian side lost the finals by mere 11 runs. It was one of the rare moments in the tournament where the team could not hold the nerves tight to see themselves home. The crackdown for an experienced eleven in the all-important finale turned fans sad and called for severe criticism from the known camps.

One of the most heard voices posts the finale has been the former Indian skipper Diana Edulji. She took her concerns to the media where she pointed towards the lack of consistency in the side. She, along with other viewers and fans, has noted that the Indian team at times gets home by a happy and confident run but the next match they lose the grip suddenly. The concern raised by the veteran has alarmed the fans and Indian expectations with the much-awaited ICC t20 tournament up on the cards.

Diana Edulji - female cricket

The blue scorecard on the finals had been nothing but fragile. The team was sitting with 115 on the board with seven batters left. Eventually, the batting ran on a competition to join each other in the dugout. The team had all 10 batswomen gone for 144. Further, Diana went past to look at all the outings of the team in the ICC tournaments and warned the side that the consistent journey to semis could not end.

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She pointed that despite getting facilities like the men’s team, the women could not bring their consistency to a degree of winning the crucial stages and matches. The former player with more than 30 test appearances under her belt seemed upset with the middle order and their reluctance to bring the matches close and finish. She, being associated with women cricketing arena, could notice even the lazy singles that batters opted while rejecting a second on cards. Rightfully and expectedly, the opinions from the experienced names attract a sensible retrospection.

It is no wrong to say that for any team to lift the elite trophy for any trophy warrants the best out of every team. Each player must take the load and try to bring a victory with his or her deeds. On a lighter note, fans can also cheer that differences between men and women cricketing side is lessening, both are solid at top and shake with top order gone. However, the female team has a huge platform to shun all the voices with improvement in the t20 world cup outing.

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