An Open letter to Indian Women World Cup Team

Dear Indian team,
Best of luck for the Semi finals and I hope that you all qualify for the Finals too. 
All these years have been really tough for you all, because of the efforts, the struggle and the sacrifices you all did. And likewise, last World Cup was different from this one as you all didn’t have these much of support and no one really knew Women’s cricket existed. But now you all have fan-following and all the support from the entire nation. This is what keeps one motivated to keep going on. 
I really want you all to win not just for the trophy but also for the future of women’s cricket and women’s participation in sports and set an example in front of young girls to choose cricket as their passion. 
I too loved cricket ( I still do) but because of lack of knowledge I couldn’t do anything at that time. 
Whenever I watch Women’s cricket, my brother is like, “It is so not interesting to watch women’s cricket” and I reply, “If you don’t like it then don’t watch it, but I will.” And yes, this kind of mentality is still there. But I really appreciate all the women players playing cricket or any sport because you never know what a person is going through and it is never as easy as it seems to be. 
Now, I can see so many articles related to women cricket, live scores, match summary, live telecast, people gossiping about world cup, channels talking about women’s World Cup, updates about Women’s World Cup which is unlike the last year’s World Cup.
And with the Women making and breaking records by achieving new milestone, it would be interesting to watch The Indian Team playing and leaving some imprints by their sterling performance. And the fun fact is, India have been invincible so far, winning all their four games in the group. May be this is the right time for BCCI to start Women’s IPL.
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