Increased prize money and live coverage for women’s world cup 2017

Even special women's world cup this year

A new day in 2017 in the month of June might just be another day but mind you this time it is not going to be another World Cup. This time it’s going to be a lot more accessible than you ever imagined it to be. In the first time in history there has been such advancement in the domain of female cricket. What better occasion than the World Cup to implement technological betterment and global accessibility.

  • The International Cricket Council has announced a measurably significant increase in the funding and coverage for the Women’s World Cup that’ll be played in England and Wales in the month of June on the 24th.
  • The ICC has declared the prize money of the tournament to have increased to 2 million. This is exactly the double that was polled in last year.
  • Fans from around the globe will be able to experience the thrill of every ball that will be played in the stadium for the first time in history of the sport.
  • The final that’ll be played on the 23rd of July will witness the deployment of the Spider-cam for the first time in the Women’s game as well as The Home of Cricket.

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This decision comes as a part to promote the development of women’s cricket and to decrease the limitations that have been put to them.

ICC Chief Executive David Richardson passed his statements over the changes that have been brought by the adopted measures to accelerate the overall development of the sport.

“We think the Women’s World Cup this summer will be a turning point in the history of the game. There is growing interest globally in women’s sports and we want cricket to be front and center of this and lead by example.The change will not happen overnight but the women’s game is crucial to the global growth of cricket. There is undoubtedly an audience for it – there were almost 18 million views of highlights of the Women’s World Cup Qualifier earlier this year. There is greater depth in the women’s game and that is leading to increased competitiveness which is what fans want to see.”

Another good news being that this World Cup we will have the retired sportswomen back to serve another purpose.

  • The coverage team for 2017 includes former England captain and Women’s World Cup winner Charlotte Edwards, former India captain Anjum Chopra and World Cup winners in Australians Lisa Sthalekar and Melanie Jones.
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We heard Melanie Jones speak to the media about how beneficial the changes are going to be. “Every World Cup wants to leave a legacy. These developments mean that this World Cup can impact not just the home nation but all nations playing and hopefully create healthy competition between sports to continue to lift the bar when it comes to parity in sport.”

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So far we’ve been talking about how history is going to repeat or how it will be written. Well now is the time history is being created. That’s what is worth a watch.

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