An Open Letter to Sarah Taylor by her fan – Tribute to the best wicket-keeper in the world

Dearest Sarah Taylor,

We know how cricket has flourished over the years, and how you’ve watered every inch of the 22 Yards with your brilliance. The English soil might have given us Sarah Taylor, but it’s Sarah Taylor who has given the world of cricket, some of its most memorable and golden moments. While some players focus on making records, you’re always up and breaking them. 104 was just a set of numbers until you made them the “Most number of stumpings”. You’ve contributed to this wonderful way of life called cricket for Thirteen years, you’ve left your footprints on each format of the game and how!! Some excel at one thing, some are Jack of all trades. But if I ever happen to meet you, I would really want to know, How do you disperse every single role of yours so perfectly? Be it knocking the bails off with your fabulous glove work, or be it the fearlessness that you imbibe in every stroke that your willow makes!

Sarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor

Cricket is a game that speaks courage. A ground on the brave can conquer and a game only the warriors can play. And if that’s how it’s put, you’re such a cricketer! Not only have you been fearless with your batting, but you’ve fought the other odds too. I know you’ve dealt with a lot, and challenging anxiety issues too. But with the Blade made of willow and a heart that beams courage, you’ve fought like a fighter and for you, it’s never the end. There are generations that have followed you and will continue to do so because if there’s one battle we all want to win, it is the one with ourselves. Thank you for never giving up Sarah, Thank you for daring to aspire, we’re grateful that you inspire us.

You made sure our eyes were glued to the screens and that nothing else distracted us, because you made every single second so adventurous. It was never about 10 Tests, 126 ODIs or 90 T20s. It was always about 226 events of Masterclass from you! It saddens us so much that we’re no more going to see that rampant yet perfect strokeplay, our nails won’t be satisfied too without you making every game so exciting and our vision towards the game won’t be the same as one of the most eye-warming cricketers has gotten away from it. But as they say, its always the moments that we remember. So, Thank you for being you. Thank you for choosing cricket. Thank you for letting us witness your game. Thank you for being the idol, the ideal one.

Sarah Taylor - England Cricketer
Sarah Taylor – England Cricketer

Wishing you all the great luck and strength for all that you do ahead Champion! We all will miss you.

A fan who’s still waiting for you to come back.

Anvesha Shah

The 22 Yard stretch that molded me, is what I hold sacred. A cricketer weaving life’s innings into words. A Rohit Sharma Admirer always. I believe writing and cricket aren’t passions, but ways of life, so truly living the dream!

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