SHEROES OF CRICKET – Female Cricket partners with SHEROES to promote women’s cricket

Wonderful creations and some legendary revolutions take time, but when they do the whole universe conspires in making that one dream, something you are living. Women, have been an extraordinary example of such a revolution. From fighting for social justice and equality to becoming a synonym of power and illumination, they have forced the universe to bend and conspire on to their feet by the only dream of theirs, to fly! When one truly deserves something and when they put their heart and soul into something, the whole universe conspires to help you achieve that. Women are not known for what they can do as much as a man can, it is what they can do and a man cannot and how they put in their everything to make the world achieve what they were not able to ever.

SHEROES OF CRICKET - Female Cricket’s partners with SHEROES

For some women it is the post of CEO in an MNC, for some to be a master chef but for some, the measure of their lifetimes is not seven, but 22, the stretch of 22 yards. The field may vary, but the determination surely remains the same, and they simply don’t write or read out stories, they make them! And bringing these stories to life and to enlighten millions of women out there, the medium is initiated by a wonderful and extraordinary platform – SHEROES. Bringing out the stories and creating communities of these SHEROES. It is much more than just a social networking platform designed solely for women, it is an opportunity, a runway to millions of careers and the one place where women talk, grow and flourish and support each other to reach greatest of heights! A team of highly dedicated women, and a bundle of communities on health, relationships, achievements and various other life-related talks! In about 5 years, they focus on increasing this community of women to 100 Million! Having won various awards in the “Social and Economic empowerment” category, SHEROES focuses on weaving down millions of beautiful stories by these extremely inspiring women.

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TEAM FEMALE CRICKET is extremely proud and excited to have associated with SHEROES and to encourage, motivate and help these super human beings to climb the ladders in the world of cricket! As a part of this wonderful campaign, Team Female cricket is all set to organize its first huge interaction through and on SHEROES App with an interactive session with one of the most profound personalities in the field of women’s cricket – Ms. Snehal Pradhan, Former Indian cricketer, sports writer, Youtuber, Commentator and Broadcaster.

Snehal Pradhan was a right arm fast medium bowler who played more than 100 List A matches for Maharashtra Cricket Association between 2005 and 2016 under the BCCI. She also represented Maharashtra State Women’s Cricket Association from 2001, under Women’s Cricket Association of India before the BCCI took over Women’s Cricket in 2005. She was a part of the India Under-21 team fielded by Women’s Cricket Association of India that toured Pakistan in 2005. She made her debut for India in 2008 and played 6 ODI and 4 T20I matches.

She played her last match in June 2015 for India A against New Zealand, before retiring on 20 October 2015.

Post-retirement :
Since retirement, Pradhan has been working in the media as a freelance sports journalist, writing for publications like Firstpost, ESPN Cricinfo, Scroll, Cricbuzz, Economic Times and Wisden India. Since November 2016, she has been posting videos on her Youtube Channel ‘Cricket With Snehal’ sharing cricket tips, gear reviews, and coaching advice.

There’s so much to learn from Snehal’s prodigious cricket and media career.

“Bat Like a Girl” a community chat over SHEROES on March 22nd, 2019 from 4pm to 5pm. An initiative where the whole roadmap to women’s cricket would be laid down and the questions of all the curious cricketing minds shall find their answers. An extremely enthralling and exciting chat session for those who worship the cricketing world and for whom cricket is their world! A session worth indulging in, even if one is not a cricketer, because it is life that is learnt on the 22 yards!

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TEAM FEMALE CRICKET and SHEROES, an association that shall have a fruitful and inspiring journey for years to come and we at Female Cricket focus on everything we can put in and give out to these young girls and women so that someday, and that too real soon, every single person out there, no matter which gender they belong to come out with gleamed up eyes and say That person right there, is my SHERO and I want to be her!

Anvesha Shah

The 22 Yard stretch that molded me, is what I hold sacred. A cricketer weaving life’s innings into words. A Rohit Sharma Admirer always. I believe writing and cricket aren’t passions, but ways of life, so truly living the dream!

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