Lack of TV coverage in Indian women’s cricket. Who’s loss is it?

It was almost one year from now, when the Indian Women Cricket Team played for the world cup and reached in the finals. From that day to this day, you will see many changes. From getting those fan following to getting people excited about “Women’s Cricket”. Interviews in the news articles to awards and recognition. But one thing that didn’t change is “broadcast of the matches”.

Lack of TV coverage in Indian women's cricket. Who's loss is it?

Yes, that’s true. We are still in the hope that matches of women’s Cricket will be televised. But no one knows when this miracle will happen. At one side, Test matches and even Domestic matches of Men’s Cricket are televised but International and Domestic Women’s matches are still facing the step-motherly behavior.

I don’t know whom to blame for it. Maybe it is the mainstream media who telecast details about Test matches (Gentlemen’s Game) but no details of women’s cricket. Not even a single news headline about it. Or maybe it is BCCI who are not interested because it is not profitable. Infact, those cricket score updates on websites are not accurate.

You can see highlights of men’s cricket still running on the TV channels, but no live coverage of Women’s Cricket matches.

However, it seems nothing has changed and the sub-standard treatment towards women’s cricket in India continues.

It’s time women’s cricket get to it’s rightful place.

BCCI in a statement said, “We do not have the right to produce matches outside India.” But this means they have right to produce matches in India. Isn’t it? Then the question is:

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When will Women’s Cricket get the coverage?
When will BCCI stop ignoring Women’s Cricket?

We all talk about equality, but I don’t see any, at least here.

How do we inspire new generation of cricketers? How can you expect parents to allow their daughters to play Cricket, if they think it is an infamous sport? Lots of questions to answer, but BCCI / governing body doesn’t seem interested at all. 

What do you think? Shouldn’t the matches be televised? 

Comment down your views. 

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