Ashleigh Gardner Unveils her painting skills during Covid-19 Lockdown

Humans are one of the most complex things that God ever made. If there’s one thing that describes Humans well is eternity. Humans, though limited in ages and years, fly eternally with the minds. We are not limited to one likes. Some of us cook for a living but are good at writing. Some might enjoy soccer but are managers.


Ashleigh Gardner
World Cup winning allrounder turns her hand to painting during the global pandemic. Pic Credits: Instagram


Professions and hobbies have defined people and their inner selves. One such story comes from Australia and the recent World Cup-winning side. Ashleigh Gardner has made the best of isolation and has come up with a masterpiece. She doesn’t think of herself as someone very artistic and creative but her paintings tell a different story. Gardner has adopted painting as her new isolation hobby and people, in reply, have welcomed her art with open arms. Since the pandemic forced the world indoors, she has been locked in Sydney with her mom Katherine.

Interestingly, the allrounder turned 23 this Wednesday and in one of these indoor weekends, she thought of trying her hand at dot painting. Briefing more about her new hobby, Ashleigh reveals that she gets bored easily and told her mom of a hobby that she needs to keep herself engaged in the lockdown. Further, she highlights that she has an aboriginal background which links her to dot painting. However, she doesn’t reckon herself as an artist and confesses on being good at drawing. It ( dot painting) was something she took on by chance and purely out of boredom.

Luckily for fans, she likes her new hobby. It is helping her in all different ways. Trying something new and different from the usual routine is, according to her, therapeutic. As a professional cricketer, she has always lived under a schedule but a break and an enjoyable hobby seem to help her relax. She uploaded her work on Instagram where she, surprisingly, received a lot of positive replies. These replies included many other big names from her fraternity namely Moses Henriques and Alyssa Healy.

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She shares a story where one of her works came in the eyes of her neighbor who apparently is an artist. Appreciation from the neighbors gave her goosebumps as she puts it. Lockdown has transformed the life of the Aussie player, like all of us, drastically. She has started training too with her mom. Her mom enjoys boxing with her. Although she hates living in uncertainties, she adds that not having a plan may give some worries but people should look on the bigger picture.

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