7 Female Voices in International Cricket

Imagine watching a game of cricket without commentators. Imagine not having Ravi Shastri along with Dhoni’s six. Imagine not having Nassir Hussain alongside Ben Stokes at Headingly. A dull game is the last thing that fans need. With their voice behind the mic, the commentators make sure that fans from all parts of the world feel the heat of an encounter in their respective homes.


(L-R) Melanie Jones, Isa Guha, Alison Mitchell - GETTY IMAGES
(L-R) Melanie Jones, Isa Guha, Alison Mitchell – GETTY IMAGES


Commentators have evolved with the game as well. But unlike other facets of the game, commentators remain the essential needs of the game. The manifest of the game has changed, from radio to television, new colors and imaginations have been added to the sport and for lovers around the globe. The voices in the com box have remained constant though the names and the styles seem to vary. There is so much attached to a commentator narrating the match to billions. The pace, the mode, the tempo, everything seems to be feeders for the public. Not only these but people also seem to enjoy the insights that they share when they are on-air. People have even matured and developed a habit of liking their biasness and the humor as well. It is a matter of great importance for the broadcasters to have the right face behind the mic to draw the attention and eyes of fans everywhere. It is natural for a commentator to be a fan first and instinctively support his or her national side.

However, an imaginative line has been drawn by the legends under whom the credibility of voices doesn’t suffer. However, like all other ventures in society, the job for commentators take a hit when it sees genders. Male voices who have primarily been associated with men’s games are the faces in front rows. However, as women’s cricket is growing, it is high time that female commentators get their due share of light and the front row along with Shastri’s and Bogles.

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Women cricket has numerous voices featuring in all the ups and downs. Isa Guha has to undoubtedly be one of the most known and enjoyed voices from female cricket. She has had the experience of playing for the national English side and the opportunity of representing her side into two world cups. She recalls that the best day of her cricketing career has been lifting the 2009 world cup for her side. The next name that we recall shall be Mel Jones. It is hard to keep Aussies away from cricket. Mel has played international cricket in the yellow jersey. She and Isa have been the most known female faces in cricket commentary as the former had a venture in IPL while the latter appears alongside BBL.

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Mel Jones
Mel Jones (Getty Images)


Charlotte Edwards has been one of the most recent additions to the list. She retired from playing cricket for the English national side in 2016 and left the game completely in 2017. Further, cricket commentators are from the sub-continent as well. The game which is a religion in these regions have few commentators as well. Anjum Chopra is an Indian presenter and commentator who has made her mark with domestic matches and women’s matches. We have two other commentators from Pakistani. Urooj Mumtaz and Marina Iqbal are ex-professionals who have represented the women in green.


Urooj Mumtaz
Urooj Mumtaz. Pic Credit: YouTube


Alison Mitchell from England has to be one of the oldest and established names in the commentary. She, like all others, has been an English player and was the first one to obtain a contract with BBC. There are many other names waiting to shine. The love for the women teams shall increase and one day we might see a lady getting her voice into the heart of billions.

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Alison Mitchell. Pic Credits: DailyMail
Alison Mitchell. Pic Credits: DailyMail
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