Interview with UAE’s most experienced player – Subha Srinivasan

We recently caught up with Subha Srinivasan, who once shared the same dressing room with Mithali Raj and is today the most experienced player in the UAE national team. Her experience has done wonders to UAE cricket. Let us walk you through her prodigious cricket career.

Batting Style – Left hand batter
Bowling Style – Right – arm medium pacer
Role in national team (UAE) – All rounder
Birth Place – Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Early Stages
Born and brought up in India, Subha used to play gully cricket with her twin brother Sundar since childhood. At 12, while watching a match between India and Pakistan during 1992 World Cup on T.V. she was introduced to international cricket and she was so much fascinated by the game that she decided to learn and take it seriously. Subha represented Madras University in college days and was a part of the winning team of U-19 Junior State Championship. At the age of 19 years, she represented Senior State team of Tamil Nadu. Along with cricket, she gave complete importance to her studies and did B.Sc in Computer Science.

Jonty Rhodes (well known for his brilliant fielding) and none other than the God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar. She goes on to explain that Tendulkar’s sense of dedication and discipline towards the game were unmatchable.

Inspiration in family – Father (a sportsperson himself and has worked in Indian Railways)
Best Critic in family – Brother

First major breakthrough was in year 1999, when she took two (2) consecutive wickets and came close to a hat-trick in an All- India Senior Inter State South Zone match.
From 1999 to 2003, she played a lot of competitive and elite level of cricket like in Senior State South Zonals, All India Nationals, Inter Universities and Inter Railways.

Turn around of events
In 2004, Tamil Nadu Service Board appointed Subha as a Sub Inspector of police. Fortunately, her seniors in the department encouraged her to continue pursuing her passion alongside the job. Thus, she kept playing for Tamil Nadu until her marriage solemnized in 2009.

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She went on to settle down in Dubai with her husband and for the next four (4) years, what cricket meant for her was just watching it on T.V.

Turning Point
Finally in 2013, she decided to give herself a second chance and approached Mazhar Kanwar with the desire to represent UAE national team. The latter agreed and from that day Subha Srinivasan started her second innings in cricket. The UAE team’s national coach worked intensively on her fitness, both physical and mental. Her vast knowledge bank was a bonus for the young girls in the team as they got to learn a lot from Subha.

Achievements of UAE team after 2013
1. Winners of Gulf Cup in 2014 and 2015
2. Runners-up of Gulf Cup in 2017
3. Hosted and played Indoor World Cup for the first time against elite teams of Australia, England, South Africa and New Zealand
4. ICC awarded associate countries to play T-20 Global Qualifiers to be played in Thailand.
5. Runners up in Global Qualifiers of Thailand
6. Got selected for T-20 Global Qualifiers to be held at Netherlands

Subha speaks about Indian Captain Mithali Raj
Played against Mithali back in 1999 in U-19 Inter State South Zone tournament. She explained that Raj was a born leader and captained South Zone team at the age of fifteen itself. Subha told that the maturity level of Mithali at such a tender age was her U.S.P. Further praising her former teammate, she said Raj had a very clean batting style and was called Sachin Tendulkar of women’s cricket even at that time.

About her limitations
Subha thinks that age is not a bar provided one is physically 100 per cent fit and mentally strong and tough. Competing with young girls kept her on her toes as she is required to overcome the physical challenges and fight against all odds mentally too. Her main focus is on performing well consistently at highest levels.

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Strengths of UAE team
1. Unity of the team (support and encouragement for each other)
2. Apt mix of players
3. Team’s Motto – One team, One Dream

Success Mantras – Her opinion
1. It’s easy to perform good with low expectations but once performed well, expectations take higher levels and so does the responsibility to perform for the country.
2. Instead of competing with the opponents, first compete with your own limitations within yourself and strive to perform better than your last performance.
3. More important is development of the team as a whole rather than individual accomplishments.
4. Practice like you have never won, perform like you have never lost.
5. Maintaining same levers of fitness during off seasons
6. Playing freely (one’s natural game)
7. Tasting success is tough but maintaining success is tougher

Lastly, Subha said that 18 years back when she started playing cricket, women cricket was not much heard of. But now the situation has changed and with increased recognition and support from organisations like, Women cricketers feel motivated to work harder, perform well and make their country proud.

What Subha Srinivasan has achieved at this age is commendable and this goes on to spread out a loud message – Age is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind. Female Cricket would like to thank her for being a role-model to our fellow aspirants and setting up a perfect example for them. 

Kanika Parineeta

‘Gully’ cricket player and close observer of Indian Cricket team and it’s matches. Straight forward and still socially admirable personality. Strong belief in teamwork and possess high leadership skills.

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