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How often do you see a book highlighting the nuances of women's cricket and their struggles amidst their empowering journey? Panchkula based Mukta Goyal has took the onus of talking and spreading the journey of our female cricketers in a most beautiful way i.e by publishing a book. 

Recently concluded women's cricket world cup 2017 brought several laurels and made our female cricketers a house-hold name. In the book "Rising Spell in Women's Cricket," Mukta along with her co-author Dr. Roopali Slathia has ensured to highlight each and every player, their role and their efforts put in throughout the world cup series. 

She has also given a brief introduction as to how it all started and what can one expect from our women in blue in the days to come. 

The book is published and the copies are ready for you to grab at a very affordable price. 

Click the link below, fill in your details and we shall courier you a copy on your mentioned address:

Buy Now. 

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