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Writers at Female Cricket

Vedant Sharma Vedant Sharma 

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A graduate in Economics Honours from St. Xavier's College. Grew up watching the best years of cricket in the 2000s and developed a habit of reading with time which eventually helped me to express my thoughts through writing. Apart from cricket, I like to spend time with my loved ones.

Surbhi Vaid Surbhi Vaid 

Girl with an opinion. Rising above stereotypes. A cricket enthusiastic. Sports = Life. Sports! Animals! Human! Sums up life.

Akshay Bhide Akshay Bhide 

I want that our women's cricket must get the same support as the men's cricket and every women's match should be televised. It will help in developing every aspect of the beautiful game that we all love.

Anvesha Shah Anvesha Shah 

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The 22 Yard stretch that moulded me, is what I hold sacred. A cricketer weaving life's innings into words. A Rohit Sharma Admirer always. I believe writing and cricket aren't passions, but ways of life, so truly living the dream! ;)

Avni Daga Avni Daga 

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A dreamer. A believer. An achiever. A thinker. Chasing my dreams, I look to spread positivity and love wherever I go. Having hope in my heart, I believe in "I CAN". A lover of Life, I hold my family, close friends, God and My Guru as a priority in my life. Being true and sincere where work is concerned, I look to go far beyond and appreciate and learn from every step that is leading me towards my goal.


Jayesh Trimbakkar Jayesh Trimbakkar 

A digital marketing consultant by profession, a student of strategy and business. Food lover, passionate about Cricket and a huge fan of the Windies cricket team.


Shreyasi Talukdar Shreyasi Talukdar 

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A public relation personnel by profession and sports writer by passion. She is a masters in mass communication & journalism from Kolkata, a keen cricket follower, Rahul Dravid lover and traveler.


Ankush Das Ankush Das 

I am an accountant by qualification, my parents thought their obedient son would study further to become a CA, but I had other things in mind. An ardent Cricket fan is following his passion and making a living watching and working around his favorite sport..

Kanika Parineeta Kanika Parineeta 

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'Gully' cricket player and close observer of Indian Cricket team and it's matches. Straight forward and still socially admirable personality. Strong belief in team work and possess high leadership skills.

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Shreya Singh Shreya Singh 

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A Former Cricketer and passionate cricket lover in this cricket crazy nation. A Cricket enthusiast and an architecture student who hails from the mountains and dreams big. Is fluent in 5 languages..


Gargi Raut Gargi Raut 

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Gargi Raut, Cricketer and Writer. There's nothing much to say except that cricket is my biggest passion. My life revolves around it. For me cricket is not life or death it's much more important, it's not just a sport it's an emotion, a way of life..


Suvam Maiti Suvam Maiti 

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I'm an avid cricket fan. Besides, I love women cricket the most. A cricket fanatic and a sports enthusiast. An undergraduate student of history, I like to read fiction books and aspire to become a sports historian.

Krupal SatgharKrupal Satghar

I'm a Sports enthusiast & to some extent you may also call me a feminist. I like appreciating what is good. So that is what brings me to do this. By Profession I'm a Advertising professional. My To Do List is quite extensive & am trying to check them 1 by 1 slowly & gradually.


Siddhesh ValvekarSiddhesh Valvekar

You can't really ask a writer how much he's addicted to writing. I've been involved in drama and elocution right from school. I like sharing my views and opinions and putting them down on paper. I also love poetry.

Harper Setia Harper Setia

A Sports enthusiast , a Cricket fanatic,
Former player, Winner. These are enough words to describe her.  


Maithri Warrier Maithri Warrier 

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Maithri loves spinning stories about life around her. A fiction lover and
a Bollywood freak, you might see her wolfing down chocolate or
dancing in the middle of the crowd during festivals.